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The official launch of ICDL Programme in Italy took place in Naples the 22nd of October. More then 200 persons of which many Test Centers attended to the presentation about the transition from ECDL to ICDL: the new approach, new exam modules, new certificates.

The focus of the day was on Digital Literacy, a fundamental and worldwide issue of International Bodies and Institutions.

Important speeches from CEPIS by Luis Fernandez and ICDL Foundation by Jakub Christoph provided the international point of view and from AICA, by Paolo Schgör and Carlo Tiberti, presented the developments of the ICDL in Italy.

Significant case reports and best practices were presented: schools, private training centers, public institutions and universities shared with the audience their experiences of ICDL in Italy.
Paolo Fezzi presented the outcome of the first phase of work of the Focus Group "New digital perspectives for the Test Centers", while Angelo Rizzo, coordinator of the working group for digital education, shared the first interesting points of reflection on the topic.

The day ended with the bright and strategic words of our President prof. Giovanni Adorni on the future, with the announcement of the new centrality of education and the Aica Academy project.

Luis Fernandez
Board of Directors at CEPIS

Jakub Cristoph

Regional Development Manager ICDL Europe
Carlo Tiberti - AICA
Coordinatore Dipartimento ECDL/ICDL di AICA

Ruggero Marzocca

Insegnante di informatica e titolare del Centro Computer Multiservizi di Barletta
Vincenzo De Simone
Docente di Tecnologie Informatiche Istituto Comprensivo Piano di Sorrento
Dario Ianneci
Docente al Liceo Classico Statale F. De Sanctis di Salerno
Marisa Arcisto
Docente all’Università del Piemonte Orientale Novara, Alessandria e Vercelli
Gabriella Grignolio
Responsabile Test Center Università Bocconi e Università IULM

Vincenzo Iscaro

Col t.(tlm)t.ISSMI Comandante Scuola Trasmissioni e Informatica dell’Esercito Italiano. Roma
Paolo Fezzi
Responsabile Qualità di AICA e Coordinatore focus group "Nuove prospettive digitali per i TestCenter"
Angelo Rizzo
Coordinatore del Gruppo di Lavoro per la didattica digitale di AICA