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At the heart of our identity is out brandmark

The European Computer Driving License will change its name, its brand but above all what will change is the allocation of modules, which will be allocated according to their recipients' needs: ICDL Digital Citizen for complete beginners; ICDL Digital Student for both teachers and students; ICDL Workforce for the modern workplaces; ICDL Professional for many occupations.

In Italy, implementing the new subdivision of the modules reorganised within the newly designated areas will be a gradual transition, which will take place in the next few years. Such evolution will be progressively integrated with the training and learning courses which the ECDL Accredited Test Centres have already set up, through an ideal pathway of education and lifelong learning.


ICDL Digital Citizen

Digital Citizen is designed for complete beginners and is open to everyone regardless of status, education, age, ability or understanding. There are still many people who have never switched on a computer and are only vaguely aware of the Internet and its uses. Many of these people would like to know more about computers and the Internet but may feel that it’s too complicated or that it’s too late for them to learn. If that sounds like someone you know, Digital Citizen is the programme for...

ICDL Digital Student

The programme offers both flexibility, and a range of levels, along with an up-to-date offering that is kept to rigorously high standards around the world. Students can benefit from an internationally recognised certification that is mapped to a number of qualifications frameworks and standards, and which integrates with curricula in several countries. Consisting of a number of modules, with the flexibility for teachers to choose the topics that meet the needs of their students, ICDL is an...

ICDL Workforce

Many jobs require competence in using PC-based applications. It is essential to be able to effectively use productivity applications and cloud-based tools. But being digitally functional alone is not sufficient. Workers need to be digitally competent: able to work confidently and productively with technology. ICDL Workforce builds the critical digital skills required in the modern workplace.

ICDL Professional

Digital technology is continually evolving. ICDL Professional certifies essential skills for careers in sectors like finance and management, marketing and communications, and design. Work at all levels is being transformed by technology. This is especially true for many highly-skilled professions. In many cases, this shift will see the creation of new categories of work, and the closer integration of computers in existing roles.