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The issue of Digital Literacy has been subjected to a significant debate among many international organisations. ECDL Foundation lays great stress on how its certifications meet the newest criteria, even by changing its own name: from ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) an ICDL (International Certification of Digital Literacy). Actually, the acronym ICDL is already in use in all non-Eu countries since 1998, though with different meaning.

Besides, for the first time ever, in the last quarter of 2018 a non-EU country – Egypt – turned out to be the country with the greatest number of exams taken.

In order to highlight the clear-cut evolution and the distance from its first propositions, ECDL Foundation has rebranded itself and opted for a more linear and effective way to show its aims. What stays the same is the effort of both AICA and ECDL/ICDL Foundation to always keep its modules up-to-date. Molte istituzioni internazionali riconoscono la centralità del tema della digital literacy.